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Netflix is clobbering Comcast, boasts twice as many US subscribers

by Jacob Kleinman | April 18, 2016April 18, 2016 4:30 pm PST

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Netflix and Comcast aren’t exactly direct competitors, but the two companies have still clashed on several occasions. Now a new report suggests that the video streaming service is crushing the cable provider when it comes to racking up U.S. subscribers.

AllFlicks crunched the numbers and found that Netflix actually boasts double the amount of subscribers as Comcast. The total numbers come in at 44,740,000 subscribers compared to just 22,347,000, based on each company’s recent earnings reports. Then again, Comcast charges a lot more for its service than Netflix, so comparing profits may tell an entirely different story.

The story also includes a chart showing subscriber growth for both companies since 2011. It begins just before Comcast loses its lead. Since then, Netflix has picked up new customers at a steady pace, while Comcast’s numbers have barely changed at all.


The drastic difference in subscribers between the two companies makes sense. Comcast has a monopoly in most of the markets where it operates, and doesn’t need to do much to hold onto its current customers. Meanwhile, Netflix can reach anyone with an internet connection in the U.S., including Comcast subscribers, giving it tons of room for expansion.

It’s unclear if Netflix will be able to keep up this level of growth as direct competitors like Amazon and Hulu continue to tighten the race, but it’s unlikely that Comcast will be able to catch up either unless it pivots its business in an entirely new direction.

Jacob Kleinman

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