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Android N has secret VR functions – Check them out

Google is expected to put a big emphasis on virtual reality with the official release of Android N later this year. Now it turns out the first clues may already be hiding in the latest version of the Android N developer preview.

Ars Technica spotted two new pages in the preview called “VR Listener” and “VR Helper” within the update settings menu. It’s unclear exactly what these are for, but it looks like they could show a list of apps designed to take advantage of Android’s new virtual reality capabilities. You may also have the option to manage specific permissions for each app.

Along with update software, Google is reportedly preparing to release a few new virtual reality gadgets that could put Cardboard to shame. The company is apparently developing on a phone-powered headset with extra sensors, similar to Samsung’s Gear VR. It may also be prepping a standalone model.

Beyond VR, Android N also includes new split-screen support and a new visual style for its emoji. It may even offer Google’s own take on 3D Touch designed to challenge Apple.¬†Phandroid¬†recently managed to get this new feature to work, offering a look at how pressure sensitive displays could be used in Android N.

Jacob Kleinman

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