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Wow, Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is screeching towards the PlayStation 4

by Joey Davidson | April 17, 2016April 17, 2016 6:00 am PST

Absolute Drift is a gorgeous game that’s available for the PC platform. It’s a tough game that features a sharp learning curve, and it’s about, you guessed it, drifting.

The look and feel of the game, though, are what make is so stellar. Flippfly (makers of Race the Sun) and Funselektor Labs have joined up to bring it to the PlayStation 4.

We’re not quite sure what the “Zen” edition is in the PlayStation 4 version, but the post announcing the port on the PlayStation Blog explains what you’ll be doing with all this drifting well enough.

Each event in the game has its own leaderboards, as well as a set of challenges that will guide you along your path to becoming a master drifter. You’ll be able to drift against ghosts of the top players, and watch replays of your event runs to learn how to perfect your skills for next time.

I’ve played the title on PC. PlayStation 4 gamers, if you can deal with the difficulty, you’re in for a real treat. Absolute Drift: Zen Edition doesn’t have an exact release date, but it is due for the PlayStation 4 platform this summer.

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