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Windows users: Uninstall QuickTime from your computer right now

by Brandon Russell | April 15, 2016April 15, 2016 11:20 am PST

Windows 10 - Surface Pro 3-16

Have QuickTime installed on your Windows computer? You might want to reconsider. A new report from Trend Micro claims the software is wide open like a Denny’s on Christmas. In short, you should uninstall it, post haste. Even the U.S. Department of Homeland Security says so.

Because there are so many alternatives out there, Apple just up and stopped support for QuickTime for Windows. Technically you can still use it but, because the software is no longer getting updates, it’ll be forever open to two pretty major vulnerabilities.

Good prank, Apple, take down Windows users from the inside.

Trend Micro says there aren’t any known exploits just yet, but now that this information is public, coupled with Apple’s lack of support, something is liable to pop up. To be fair, having QuickTime on your machine in and of itself isn’t the problem. But visit a malicious web page or open a malicious file, and you can be in for a world of hurt, Trend Micro says.

Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t using QuickTime anyway. Now, you have even more reason to dump it from your computer. Note that QuickTime on Mac is just fine.

TrendMicro PCWorld

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