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Huawei VR unveiled and it comes with 4,000 free movies

by Jacob Kleinman | April 15, 2016April 15, 2016 10:00 am PST

Huawei already unveiled its P9 flagship phone earlier this month at an event in London but, during follow-up presentation in China, the company had one more thing to show off. The Chinese giant surprised us with a new virtual reality headset that borrows some inspiration from Samsung’s Gear VR.

Like the Gear VR, Huawei’s headset is powered by a high-end smartphone that slides into the front. According to Engadget, which reported live from the event, Huawei VR works with the P9, P9 Plus and Mate 8. All three of those devices feature a 1080p display, so this virtual reality experience likely won’t be as sharp as the one powered by Samsung’s Quad HD smartphones.

Then again, it’s still a big step up from Google Cardboard. Huawei says this is the first untethered headset to feature 360-degree sound support. It also offers a 95-degree field of view and a special glasses-free design that can compensate for nearsightedness. As an extra bonus, Huawei is throwing in 4,000 movies (most of which are probably in 2D), 40 games, 350 panoramic pictures and more than 150 panoramic tours for free.

The company didn’t say how much the headset will cost, but it should be launching soon. It’s also unclear if Huawei VR will be available outside of China, but it would be pretty strange if it wasn’t sold alongside the company’s new P9 smartphone in Europe and Asia.

Jacob Kleinman

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