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Get your first look at the villain of Captain America: Civil War

by Brandon Russell | April 15, 2016April 15, 2016 12:00 pm PST

Marvel has been careful to keep the focus on the fight between Captain America and Iron Man, but don’t forget Civil War will still have a big bad. Now, Entertainment Weekly has provided us with our first look, and he looks so… normal.

The first image in the gallery above is of Daniel Brühl in character as Baron Zemo, someone described as a “manipulative figure.” Apparently he plays a big part in pitting the heroes against each other. The second image in the gallery is how the character appeared in the comics, a terrifying villain who led the Masters of Evil.

“This character is a significant variation of the cackling, purple-masked Baron Zemo from the Marvel Comics,” Entertainment Weekly said. I’ll say.

Perhaps we’ll see Brühl’s tame appearance devolve into something more sinister as the movie goes on. For now, he looks like Gary in shipping, who is just the nicest guy.


Brandon Russell

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