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Zelda CD-i games reimagined in 3D by fan are still really dumb

by Ron Duwell | April 14, 2016April 14, 2016 7:00 pm PST

Generally speaking, remaking a game with 3D graphics and giving it an HD overhaul is supposed to improve a game. It’s not a rule set in stone, but most of the time, improvements to classics and cult-favorites tend to at least be an acceptable tribute.

However, a certain universally loathed trilogy of unofficial Zelda games might just be beyond worth saving and any form of redemption.

Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon came to us from development studio Animation Magic during a horrible period of Nintendo’s history when it licensed out its properties to make games for the Phillips CD-i. While some argue that they’re best left forgotten to rot in the bowels of history, I would say that the goofy voice acting and hideous cutscenes are worth preserving for at least a few more years.

YouTuber C4DNerd now lets you relive these awful travesties with a modern day overhaul, making the previously hand-animated cast look more like a cheap mobile game or a weekend project using Unity. I think I prefer the originals, but wow. This is exactly what Link: The Faces of Evil would look like if Nintendo were to ever give it the same HD treatment that Wind Waker and Twilight Princess got.

Let’s see it happen, Nintendo. I can’t wait to bomb some dodongos!


Ron Duwell

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