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Instagram: Photos are cool but check out these videos, too

by Brandon Russell | April 14, 2016April 14, 2016 6:30 pm PST

Video never used to be a priority for Instagram. Now, the social media platform and the popular media format are like two peas in a pod.

After introducing the option to post longer videos, Instagram is making it easier to discover said videos by highlighting some of the best in the Explore tab.

“As people share more videos than ever before, we’re making it easier to discover the ones you’ll love,” Instagram announced on Thursday.

Going forward, there will be a new channel called “Videos You Might Like” that includes videos from around Instagram. All of these videos will be merged into a seamless experience, playing one after the other, which means viewers can just sit back and enjoy.

Instagram has undergone a number of big changes in recent weeks—some good, some not so good—and its emphasis on video is no big surprise. The social network said over the last six months, video engagement has gone up by 40 percent, so you can understand why it’s making such a big push.

Last month, Instagram’s product manager, Jeff Kantar, said there are many other big updates to come later this year.


Brandon Russell

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