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Final Fantasy XV is “make or break” for the series, says director

by Ron Duwell | April 14, 2016April 14, 2016 7:40 am PST

It’s been a running gag in video gaming for nearly three decades now that Final Fantasy doesn’t exactly live up to its namesake. After all, how can a series with well over fifteen entries have the gall to be referred to as “final?” Well, these days, that just might be the case.

It’s not secret that the video gaming world is changing, especially in Japan. High-end consoles are no longer in fashion in this part of the world with many gamers swapping over to the ease of mobile gaming and big blockbuster productions seemingly becoming a thing of the past. With peers like Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid already tapped out, Final Fantasy remains one of the few major Japanese, “non-Nintendo” gaming franchises that still demand the same respect it did during its heyday?

How much longer can this last? Not long, if Final Fantasy XV bombs, says Director Hajime Tabata in an interview with Game Informer.

“If the Final Fantasy brand is on its demise in terms of its numbered mainline series in Japan, then I feel like it would also follow suit globally. The Japanese console game market is definitely getting smaller and that directly connects to the fact that the demand for consoles and console games are declining. At the same time that means a decline in the Final Fantasy IP.”

Yikes. I’ve seen so many franchises come and go over the years, but never once throughout the last three decades have I imagined myself in a world without Final Fantasy. That’s not a future I want to be a part of. While I seriously doubt Square Enix will be closing shop on the franchise anytime soon, be sure to snag up a copy on Sept. 30 when it launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One if it’s reviewed well and your a series fan.

And be sure to buy it again if a “far superior” port comes to the PC, you know. Just for good measure.

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