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Final Fantasy IX now available on the PC through Steam

by Ron Duwell | April 14, 2016April 14, 2016 4:00 pm PST

Square Enix continues to make Steam the new home for Final Fantasy, all while not committing Final Fantasy XV to a Steam release. Today, it closes the circle of PSOne classics by tossing Final Fantasy IX onto the digital service, leaving only the first two games and Final Fantasy XI without representation.

Final Fantasy IX is also one of the best that the series has to offer. Fans look at it as a mishmash of the old and the “new,” a least at the time, as it blends cutting-edge 3D graphics with the lore, style, and fantastical atmosphere that were somewhat lacking in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII’s more “hard” approach.

Of course, what was considered cutting-edge in 1999 doesn’t exactly hold up these days, but you still get the idea. It’s a game created for a time and a place, and the big question is this: does it hold up for a modern audience? I would give a resounding “Yes!”If you’re younger and have ever wondered what the big deal about this franchise is, then this could be a place to start.

The new HD overhaul and superior horsepower of modern rigs promise to smooth out Final Fantasy IX’s animation problems, so this could become the definitive version if it all plays out right. If you’re interested, be sure to pick it up now $16.79 with the 20 percent launch discount.


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