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FBI: We haven’t found anything interesting on iPhone

by Jacob Kleinman | April 14, 2016April 14, 2016 2:00 pm PST

iPad 4 Sample, iPhone 5c

The FBI finally managed to hack into the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone earlier this month without Apple’s help, but it turns out the device hasn’t revealed any useful new information. CBS News reports that the device is proving to be pretty useless so far, citing an anonymous law enforcement insider.

The source also noted that the FBI’s investigation isn’t over yet. The government agency is still analyzing the data found on the recently cracked iPhone 5c. So it’s possible something could turn up eventually.

The FBI reportedly worked with a group of professional hackers to exploit an unknown flaw in Apple’s software to hack the device in question. FBI director James Comey previously confirmed that this hack will only work on the iPhone 5c, and doesn’t apply to newer models that the government may also want to access in the future.

Apple has so far refused to help the FBI break its encryption after the company was pressed to make a special version of its iOS software with backdoor access. It looks the Cupertino is off the hook for now, but it may not be too long before the government shoots back with a similar request.

CBS News

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