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Enter the Gungeon becomes the next Steam sensation at 200,000 copies sold

by Ron Duwell | April 13, 2016April 13, 2016 6:00 am PST

I’ve said so before, and I’ll happily say so again. The most exciting video game scene these days is the sleeper-hit indie market on Steam, simply because you have no idea what’s going to become the next big sensation. It could be anything!

Take 2016’s two biggest surprises so far. Enter the Gungeon recently stormed onto Steam to the tune of 200,000 copies, and it is about as intense as indie games get. Bullet-hell combat, roguelike randomizations, depictions of utter violence, brutal boss fights, and frustrating multiplayer. It’s a true grind fest that will test the patience of a lot of gamers.

On the other hand, Stardew Valley has sold a respectable amount of copies despite getting zero to no hype before its release, and you would be hard pressed to find a more laid-back and relaxing game to waste away an afternoon on.

Enter the Gungeon and Stardew Valley. The two couldn’t be more different if they tried, and yet, they both share the title of a Steam surprise hit. Congratulations.


Ron Duwell

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