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Dyson’s new Big Ball vacuum can stand itself back up if you knock it down

by Joey Davidson | April 13, 2016April 13, 2016 11:30 am PST

While the quality you get for the amount you pay is up for debate, there’s no denying that Dyson makes cool tech. That’s absolutely true for their vacuum cleaner line, especially the ones built around balls.

Dyson has a new Cinetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner that features all sorts of fancy specs. The Dyson Cinetic system means that this vacuum doesn’t have a filter to wash or replace, and they offer that it will never lose suction over its life span. Verbatim, their site says that “with no filters to clog there’s no loss of suction. Ever.” Bold claims for a problem that’s… clogged the vacuum industry for practically a century.

This new Big Ball does something else that’s rather fancy. For the price of $699, you get a Dyson that never loses suction, is super powerful, operates on the ball for smoother vacuuming and, get this, rights itself if you happen to knock it over.

When would this be useful? Well, if you do a lot of vacuuming with the attachments on your device, you might knock your machine over from time to time as you reach around objects and into corners. This vacuum rights that problem. Pretty nifty.

Now, I’ll note that other sites have been asking their readers to stop chuckling over the name. I won’t.


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