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PS Vita exclusive “Severed” confirmed for launch later this month

by Ron Duwell | April 12, 2016April 12, 2016 3:40 pm PST

Severed continues to defy the laws of nature as a true, genuine PS Vita exclusive, for the time being at least. Developer DrinkBox Studios has confirmed through PlayStation Blog that the game will be available later this month from April 26.

DrinkBox’s rather grotesque and off-putting game follows in the footsteps of Etrian Odyssey and the PS Vita’s niche library of Japanese first-person dungeon crawlers. The main difference here is that our heroine Sasha “equips the carcasses of her enemies to gain their powers” Eww… It also sets itself apart with a touch based battle system, discarding the classic menu-driven style of combat.

Severed was initially planned as a Spring 2015 release, but after showing an early demo of the game at PlayStation Experience in December 2014 we were inspired with a ton of new ideas and decided there was a lot more we wanted to add. It only took awhole extra year, but we’ve finally finished packing in as much as we could into Severed and we’re really happy with how it has turned out.

DrinkBox Studio is two for two with excellent indie hits, and its latest looks like the deepest of the bunch. Be sure to check Severed out on April 26 if you are one of the seven remaining people who still owns a PS Vita. If not, wait for the inevitable and assuredly more successful Android and iOS that will come after it bombs on Sony’s abandoned platform.

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