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Model X Design Studio lets you build your own with Tesla’s tools

by Brandon Russell | April 12, 2016April 12, 2016 7:30 pm PST

Have $997 of spare cash each month? If you do, why not put that money toward a Model X?

Tesla on Tuesday opened up the Model X to its design studio—something we saw briefly last year—giving prospective buyers the opportunity to tune the crossover SUV exactly to their specifications. Pricing ranges from expensive to absurdly expensive, starting with the 75D, which is all new to the lineup and doesn’t ship until June; also in the lineup is a 90D and P90D (not to be confused with Tony Horton’s P90X).

Plenty of technology comes standard, such as the Falcon Wing doors, automatic keyless entry and a 4 year, 50,000-mile limited warranty. But, come on, if you’re going to get a Model X, you may as well splurge for the P90D, which promises 250 miles range and a 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds with Ludicrous Mode turned on.

Forewarning: the estimated lease payment for the P90D is $1,515—and that’s without any upgrades. Adding options such as the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade, autopilot, seven seat interior, and more could push your monthly payment to $2,083, which far exceeds what I pay for a one-bedroom apartment in Southern California.

Of course, you could just wait for Tesla’s Model 3, the automaker’s most affordable EV in its lineup. That’s assuming you don’t mind putting $1,000 down for a car that’s probably not getting delivered until the end of 2017 at the earliest. Oh, and don’t forget, it was just recalled because of faulty third-row seats.


Brandon Russell

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