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iOS 10 concept blows us away with awesome new features

by Jacob Kleinman | April 12, 2016April 12, 2016 11:00 am PST

It’s fun to speculate about the iPhone 7 and what technology Apple might pack into the device, but what about the new software that goes with it? We don’t know much about iOS 10, but a new concept video from Ralph Theodory offers some interesting ideas on how the company could improve its mobile operating system.

One of the best features included in this concept is the ability to remove those annoying first-party apps. iOS 10 could offer a special folder that shows all the apps you’ve disabled with the option to quickly reinstall them if you need to. Believe it or not, there’s evidence this might actually happen. Other ideas include a barcode-scanning camera app and a Force Touch powered speed dial feature.

Theodory also dreams up a drastically improved version of Apple Music. It includes a special control center with one tap actions that makes it easy to use. There’s also a built-in equalizer, a smart sleep mode and quick access to song lyrics.

On the iPad front, iOS 10 could introduce an enhanced and customizable control center, making it easy to add specific apps. Theodory even imagines some possible Apple Watch features, including new third-party watch faces and automatic pairing across all your devices synced to the same iCloud account.

We’d love to see Apple embrace all these new features and really try something new with iOS 10, and hopefully at least some of these ideas will be included in the actual software released later this year. Take a closer look in the gallery below.

Ralph Theodory

Jacob Kleinman

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