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Dark Souls III crashing for many PC gamers thanks to unknown bugs

by Ron Duwell | April 12, 2016April 12, 2016 1:00 pm PST

Reports are coming in that Dark Souls III is about to join the dubious list of games that have been crippled by bugs in their PC build right after the launch.

Soon after the launch last night negative reviews begin pouring onto Steam, with gamers claiming that the game crashes shortly after passing the first bonfire or when the approach Firelink Shrine. Performance also seems to be an issue that leads into the crashes with the top review reading “2 hours into the game, and have had about 15 crashes.”

Reddit and the Steam forums also are rife with gamers complaining about the problem, and nobody is sure yet what to make of problem. As with most bugs, not everyone is being affected, but Bandai Namco has reached out on Twitter to find the source of the problems.

So far, adjusting the lighting effects to “low” and starting off the game as a Knight character seem to be the best temporary fixes. More on this issue when Bandai Namco issues a formal announcement.

Ron Duwell

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