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You Build It, You Fly It: FlexBot DIY Camera-Drone Kit – only $99

by TechnoBuffalo | April 11, 2016April 11, 2016 11:15 am PST

FlexBot DIY Camera-Drone Kit

There are few ways to build more street cred as an uber-smart guy than by deftly manning the controls of a tricked-out, fully-customized aerial camera drone and telling impressed onlookers, “Yeah, I built that.”

That’s what you’ll be able to say after picking up this ridiculously cool deal, the FlexBot DIY Camera-Drone Kit, now only $99 – 33% off – in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store. 

With the FlexBot, you’ll get all the 3D-printed pieces you need to assemble this fully-operational camera drone from scratch – or get creative and create your own drone shells (printed by your own 3D printer, of course) that’ll REALLY get gawker attention.

Once you’ve mounted your shell to the FlexBot’s circuit board (no soldering required), you can fire up the craft’s 50,000 rpms motor with their simple smartphone app, control the drone’s gravity sensors and get this quadcopter in the sky.

Once you’re airborne, use the FlexBot’s on-board Wi-Fi-enabled FlexCam to snap aerial images or even take video from your lofty perch, recording visual proof of your coolness.

It’s perfect for the garage tinkerer or even as a project to work on with kids — if building their own drone doesn’t ignite their imagination, nothing will! 

Half awesome tech project, half super-hip gee-whiz gadget, the FlexBot DIY Camera-Drone Kit usually runs $149, but grab it now at one-third off its regular price.