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Tesla Model X recalled due to faulty third-row seat back

by Brandon Russell | April 11, 2016April 11, 2016 11:20 am PST

The Tesla Model X might be the automaker’s most advanced car, what with its panoramic windshield, falcon wing doors, and “Bioweapon Defense Mode,” but it’s not immune to recalls. According to CNBC, the company on Monday issued a voluntary recall of 2,700 Model X vehicles built before March 26, saying the third-row seat backs could fail in an accident.

“It’s actually with the leverage of weight in the seat pulling it forward,” explained Jon McNeill, president of sales and service for Tesla. “So this would be an example of a front crash where the weight of the passenger seat belted to that seat could cause that latch to fail.”

The Model X has been hit by numerous delays and issues during its production, and today’s recall will only further to dampen Tesla’s otherwise holy image. Tesla said the seat backs were provided by Futuris, an outside supplier, which will cover the cost.

Today’s recall comes on the heels of the Model 3 pandemonium, which saw hundreds of thousands of fans put down deposits for a car that isn’t scheduled to come out until the end of next year. Tesla warns not to sit in the back of the Model X until the seats can be replaced.


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