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Google Fiber ditches free plan in Kansas City

by Jacob Kleinman | April 11, 2016April 11, 2016 7:00 am PST

google fiber sign logo van

You may have just missed your shot at free gigabit internet from Google Fiber. The company recently stopped offering its free tier, which included an upfront $300 construction fee, for new customers in Kansas City.

Instead, new customers can opt for the Fiber 100 plan, which costs $50 per month with no initial fee. Google also offers several more expensive options with faster speeds and extra features like cloud storage and live TV. These plans range in price from $70 to $130 per month.

It’s unclear if Google Fiber plans to implement the same change across the U.S., and the company declined to comment when asked by Re/code. It’s possible this could be a result of Google’s restructuring under Alphabet, which has put pressure on individual branches of the company to produce actual profits.

Google Fiber currently operates in Atlanta, Austin, Kansas City and Provo, Utah. The company’s also working to launch in seven more regions, with additional locations planned for the future.

Jacob Kleinman

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