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Windows XP the third-most popular OS after 15 years


It seems crazy to think that there are people out there using a 15-year-old operating system, but it’s happening. In fact, so many people are still running Windows XP right now that it is currently the third-most popular OS in use.

Microsoft actually stopped supporting Windows XP two years ago, which means the platform no longer sees updates of any kind — not even critical security patches. What’s more, even third-party developers like Google have stopped supporting it.

Despite all this, Windows XP’s 10.9 percent share of the market means it has a larger install base than Apple’s latest OS X El Capitan software (4.05 percent), and Windows 8.1 (9.56 percent). Windows 10 just about beats it with 14.15 percent.

That’s according to the latest figures from Netmarketshare, which show that Windows 7 still reigns king, with a whopping 51.89 percent share of the user base.

The important thing to remember here, however, is that not everyone is clinging onto Windows XP because they want to.

Believe it or not, the platform is still in use by corporations around the world that don’t have the resources to upgrade to a more recent release. It’s also used in emerging markets where recycled PCs are big business.

Nevertheless, it’s still somewhat surprising that XP is able to cling onto a rather large share of the user base so long after making its initial debut. Are you still using XP at all?


Killian Bell

Killian Bell is a 20-something technology journalist based in a tiny town in England. He has an obsession with that little company in Cupertino...