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Tesla Model X bioweapon defense mode gets put to the test in new video

by Jacob Kleinman | April 8, 2016April 8, 2016 1:20 pm PST

Tesla made headlines last year when it revealed that the Model X has a “bioweapon defense mode” button to activate the built-in air filter. We assumed the company was just joking around, but a new video shows just how powerful this feature really is.

Uploaded by Bjørn Nyland, the video shows how the Model X air filter might come in handy during a slightly less dire situation. In this case, Nyland was driving in Arizona when his electric SUV was suddenly filled with the terrible smell of some nearby manure. He quickly pressed the “bioweapon defense” and says the stench cleared out in seconds.

“The fans went full speed and created a pressurized cabin,” he notes in the video description. “Normally, any smell inside the car will take several minutes to clear. But with the bioweapon defense mode, the smell disappeared within seconds. Very impressive!”

The Model X air filter is actually ten times larger than the industry average, according to Tesla. The company claims it’s 300 times better at filtering out bacteria too. That still may not be enough to protect you in some sort of apocalyptic scenario, but it should keep your car smelling nice no matter what smells you might encounter on the road.


Jacob Kleinman

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