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Super Mario Rocket League? Yes, please! Check it out in this excellent mash-up video

by Ron Duwell | April 8, 2016April 8, 2016 4:30 pm PST

We all love Mario Kart, and we all love Rocket League. You’d think the two would make the ultimate mash-up title. Well, let this tribute video fill in the blanks for your imagination.

YouTube channel The Pixel Kingdom’s creation sparks a lot of questions about what such a dream pairing would look like. It even takes Rocket League‘s winning formula a step further by adding traditional Mario Kart items into the fray, using them in creative ways that prove practical to the differences in the two games.

Seriously, that mushroom move is genius!

Call your local Nintendo operator and tell to get in touch with Psyonix. Contracts should be made, and this game should be developed. Exclusive to the NX, coming in 2017 or 2018. Let’s see it happen!

Ron Duwell

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