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eBay’s launching branded packaging for sellers

by Joey Davidson | April 8, 2016April 8, 2016 6:58 am PST

eBay is aiming for some of the online marketplace mindshare with their latest bit of news. Their shipping store will offer eBay-branded packing for sellers.

This comes from eBay’s official blog. They offer their own reasoning for the announcement:

What was the prompt for the new supplies store? Many of our sellers told us that they wanted to purchase eBay branded shipping supplies online and we wanted to provide them with more choices. Our sellers also said that cost and convenience were the most important attributes when choosing what and where to purchase. As a result, we will be providing competitively priced, quality supplies with easy online ordering and convenient shipping.

We’re connecting the dots here, though. Amazon, a massive online marketplace, too, has a now infamous set of packages. Everyone knows that Amazon box based on its logo, and that branding is tremendously important.

The good news for major eBay sellers is that these branded boxes aren’t all that expensive. They ballpark around the $15-30 mark for sets of 20, 25 or even 100 depending on the size and package style. That’s pretty good, especially if you sell a ton of eBay stuff.


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