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Destiny’s Creative Lead quits Bungie after being there 13 years

by Joey Davidson | April 8, 2016April 8, 2016 1:00 pm PST

CJ Cowan, Creative Lead on Destiny and Bungie developer since 2003, has left the studio. He shared the news in Instagram.

After 13 years, I decided to part ways with Bungie yesterday. How am I just now realizing the logo is a sad face?

A photo posted by CJ Cowan (@thehidingninja) on

Bungie is a large studio with more than 500 employees below its banner. Seeing one leave isn’t too big of a deal. However, the interesting bits here are that Cowan had been with Bungie for so long, and it doesn’t look like he’s heading somewhere else.

Normally, when folks leave a studio they immediately follow with something like “can’t wait to tell you where I’m going.” That is, they leave to go somewhere else. Cowan hasn’t made any such announcements. Furthermore, his Instagram now indicates that he’s a “Seattle Storyteller for hire.”

He wouldn’t be for hire if he had another job, right?

This could be nothing more than wanderlust. What do you think?


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