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Rock Band 4’s PC release fails its crowdfunding campaign

by Eric Frederiksen | April 7, 2016April 7, 2016 2:00 pm PST

Those hoping for a PC version of Rock Band 4 are going to have to get a console or live without, it seems. The Rock Band 4 PC version crowdfunding campaign, which Harmonix was running via the Fig crowdfunding platform, came up well short of its goal.

The developer had put up a goal of $1.5 million, of which it managed to collect just over half. Harmonix had pulled in $592,000 in investors, but only $201,000 from pledges.

Harmonix has confirmed that they won’t be able to make a PC version of the game, though they did add that it’s “certainly in the realm of possibility that we might try again in the future, or find another patch to get Rock Band for PC made.”

Despite demand from fans for a PC version Rock Band, it sounds like there wasn’t as much money as there were mouths, unfortunately. The music genre tried to make a comeback last year with Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live, and while both have their advantages, they didn’t do much to bring plastic instruments back out of the closet. Personally, I still play the game regularly with my friends, but all signs point to this being less of a revival and more of a last hurrah for the genre.


Eric Frederiksen

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