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Official Reddit app for iPhone and Android now available

by Todd Haselton | April 7, 2016April 7, 2016 6:30 am PST

Reddit launched the official Reddit apps for Android and iOS on Thursday. It’s rather surprising it took Reddit so long to make its own app, and, until now, there have been some really great options available for Redditors including Alien Blue and Bacon Reader, just to name two.

The apps feature “inline images, themes, and simpler navigation” that Reddit said will lead to “easier discussion, easier discovery, easier cats, easier app.”Cat joke. Love it. There appear to be two themes at launch – the standard option and a night theme that has a black background in stead of white. Reddit says more will come in the future.

Also, if you login during the next week, dubbed “launch week,” you’ll get 3 months of Reddit gold right in your inbox.

Thank you for using the Reddit mobile app! As a thank you for logging in during launch week, you’ve been gifted 3 months of Reddit Gold,” a direct message we received after logging in said. “Reddit Gold is Reddit’s premium membership program, which grants you: An ads-free experience in Reddit’s mobile apps, and Extra site features on desktop. Discuss and get help on the features and perks at r/goldbenefits. reddit gold is our premium membership program. It grants you access to extra features to improve your reddit experience. It also makes you really quite dapper. If you have questions about your gold, please visit /r/goldbenefits.”

Here’s a look at what Reddit says you’ll find in the apps:

• Browse all of Reddit, wherever you are
• Search and discover communities by topic or interest
•Submit your own comments, images, links, and stories for others to view and discuss
• Customize Reddit with themes (including night theme)
• View in either compact view or card view
• Stay up to date with your orangereds with Inbox: messages, comment replies, post replies, and mentions.

Hit the source to download the app for iOS or Android now. My day is now officially wasted.

Todd Haselton

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