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New Domino’s app makes it dangerously easy to order pizza

by Jacob Kleinman | April 6, 2016April 6, 2016 8:00 pm PST

Domino’s has been leading the charge when it comes to pizza technology. The company already offers Amazon Echo integration and even built a pizza-delivering robot. Now the fast food chain is pushing the envelope yet again with a new Zero Click app that orders pizza automatically as soon as you open it.

That’s right. Just press the app icon and Zero Click will begin a 10-second countdown, illustrated with a digital kitchen timer. Once 10 seconds pass your pizza will be on the way, giving customers a very brief window to rethink their dinner plans. We hope there’s also some way to cancel the order if you open the app by accident.

The first time you use Domino’s new app you’ll need to do a bit of setup. First, create a Pizza Profile and an Easy Order with the company if you haven’t already. Then log into the app to store that information. That’s it.

We’re not sure how pizza ordering could get any easier. Maybe one day you’ll be able to place an order with just a thought. In the future, Domino’s might even be able to read your subconscious and send over a pizza before you even realize you’re hungry.

For now you can download the Zero Click app for iOS or Android via the source links below.

Jacob Kleinman

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