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Congressman’s campaign funds used to spend $1300 on Steam games

by Joey Davidson | April 6, 2016April 6, 2016 2:40 pm PST

Steam Sale

With prices like these, can he be blamed? Yes, yes he can.

Representative Duncan Hunter, a Republican congressman from California, is being questioned by the Federal Election Commission regarding the use of his campaign funds to buy video games.

Hunter listed a whopping $1,302 spent on Steam in his campaign finance disclosure. All that money was spent over 68 transactions. The spending went down between October 13 and December 16, 2015, and Hunter noted them with “personal expense – to be paid back.” Regardless of intention to pay the funds back, this isn’t legal.

According to Hunter’s spokesperson, Joe Kasper, the campaign funds were spent on Steam by Hunter’s teenage son. He got a hold of his dad’s card, according to Kasper, and ran up the charges even after Hunter tried to close his account.

Hunter is apparently trying to reverse the charges as well, though I don’t know if Steam will offer refunds in this circumstance.

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