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Adidas unveils kid-friendly heart rate monitor for gym class

by Todd Haselton | April 6, 2016April 6, 2016 8:00 am PST

Adidas recently unveiled a new fitness device specifically geared towards kids. In partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), Adidas built the “ZONE for IHT Spirit” wearable. ┬áIt’s a bit of a tongue-twister of a name that basically means the Adidas wearable works with IHT’s existing cloud-based and education-friendly fitness-tracking program.

It’s a wearable for kids in gym class.

The ZONE for IHT Spirit will be targeted specifically at K-12 P.E. teachers who want to monitor each student’s fitness level during a class. Fitness levels obviously vary pretty significantly, too, depending on how active a child is outside the class and his or her weight.

“In working with IHT, we found a partner that shared our vision of inspiring the next generation to lead healthy lives by making sport and fitness a life-long pursuit,” Adidas VP and general manager of digital sports Stacey Burr said, noting that Adidas believes active and healthy lifestyle habits are “easier to keep the earlier you start.” As a former cross-country runner turned desk-jockey-potato-chip-eating-blogger, I wish I had something that kept me on a path like that.

Adidas didn’t provide too much information on specs, only noting that the ZONE features a heart rate sensor, NFC for tap-and-go-sync, enough power to last an entire day, activity monitoring and more. Gym teachers and health professionals can hit the source to learn more about how to grab the Adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit now.

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