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Voice actor of GTA V’s Trevor appeared in The Walking Dead

by Brandon Russell | April 5, 2016April 5, 2016 12:12 pm PST

Trevor Philips, a king among men in Grand Theft Auto V, jumped out of the game and right into the crazy universe of The Walking Dead this past weekend.

During The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale on Sunday, many fans of the beloved video game were taken aback by the Trevor’s very distinct, very loud voice. It honestly felt like what would happen if Trevor survived the apocalypse and started hanging out with Negan’s Saviors.

Trevor’s actual name is Steven Ogg, who has appeared in a few big TV shows as of late, including Better Call Saul and Comedy Central’s Broad City; he’s also set to appear in Westworld later this year.

I won’t spoil what happened (or didn’t) in the season 6 finale. Needless to say, it was a fun cameo for those who enjoyed Trevor’s obnoxious bravado.

Strangely, this isn’t The Walking Dead’s only surprise cameo this season.


Brandon Russell

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