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Scrivener 2 is the app of choice for writing professionals — 50% off

by TechnoBuffalo | April 5, 2016April 5, 2016 11:20 am PST

Scrivener 2

Scrivener 2 is the writing app of choice for many best-selling authors. It offers a distraction-free interface with great features for outlining your ideas. TechnoBuffalo Deals has it now for $22.50 on Mac and $20 on PC.

The writing environment in Scrivener removes the formatting clutter so you can focus on your narrative. You can choose to edit the text as a whole, or zoom in on individual sections. The “snapshots” feature lets you save multiple drafts as you write, which is great for experimentation. To help with the planning stage, Scrivener has an outliner and a storyboarding feature built in. These are particularly great for creative writers, who can play around with characters and scenes, while non-fiction authors can float research documents above their words. The app also offers custom formatting for scriptwriters, and export to Final Draft.  

Order now to get Scrivener 2 at half price — make sure to select your platform from the dropdown.