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iPhone 7 A10 chip may work wonders for battery life on super-thin iPhone

by Jacob Kleinman | April 5, 2016April 5, 2016 9:20 am PST

Apple’s typically happy to trade battery size for a thinner frame when it comes to each new iPhone, but that may change later this year with the iPhone 7ETNews reports that the device could sport a bigger battery and a slimmer design thanks to new fan-out chip technology.

Apple’s new A10 chip may pack silicon chips and semiconductor compounds together, allowing for a more compact design. The result should be a more powerful processor that takes up less space inside the device, providing more room for the iPhone 7 battery.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) previously revealed that it’s hard at work developing fan-out technology. The company even said it’s set to supply the new chips for one specific firm, but wouldn’t say which one.

Apple and TSMC have a history of working together on mobile processors. According to multiple reports, the Cupertino company will rely entirely on the Taiwanese chip maker for its A10 processor. That doesn’t necessarily mean the iPhone 7 will adopt fan-out technology, but we’re not ready to rule it out either.

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