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Danny DeVito obviously won’t be playing Pikachu following his response

by Ron Duwell | April 5, 2016April 5, 2016 2:00 pm PST

Danny Devito

Time to just accept the reality, folks. Danny Devito as Pikachu isn’t in the cards for us.

Fans have petitioned hard for Nintendo to get Danny Devito to play the role of Pikachu in the upcoming Great Detective Pikachu spin-off game. Petitions have reached the tens of thousands of signatures, and some are still holding out for hope that Nintendo or someone involved will give them a sign either way. That way, at least they can see if their voices are being heard.

Danny Devito has delivered that sign in the form of a giant F-bomb. When pressed at a screening of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at The Paley Center for Media, Devito replied pretty bluntly about his feelings and knowledge on the situation.

Now, Devito is usually a pretty chill guy at press conferences, so the F-bomb was most likely just used in the context of the abusive role he plays in It’s Always Sunny. I’m pretty sure that’s all gamers will need to hear to put the movement to bed.

Danny Devito will not be playing Pikachu in Great Detective Pikachu, and we can all blame Frank Reynolds for it.


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