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Tracer and Widowmaker rumble in this second Overwatch animated short

Blizzard’s animated shorts have done a stellar job of introducing its world and characters, and this second entry in the series shines more light on our femme fatale antagonist, Widowmaker.

Even though she appeared in last week’s entry, the lady assassin takes center-stage here doing what she does best: assassinations. A popular public figure (Zenyatta, in the game) wishing to unite humans and robots has been targeted for disposal, but her kill attempt is thwarted by the suddenly controversial speed demon, Tracer.

This trailer not only introduces a central plot line for the arena based game. It also shines a light on these two characters’ moves in combat, with Widowmaker’s debilitating purple gas and Tracer’s ability to rewind time earning some prime screen time.

Blizzard’s trailers, animation, and characters have been top-notch up until this point. I can only hope that they intend to take this to the next level and make an actual full-length film or animated series at some point. Buying Overwatch might show the powers that be that a market for this cast exists beyond the borders of its game.

Overwatch launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24.

Ron Duwell

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