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Final Fantasy XV on PC? Square Enix says it won’t release close to console versions

by Joey Davidson | April 4, 2016April 4, 2016 8:20 am PST

Square Enix, based on what some developers said at a recent Final Fantasy XV event, is not working on a PC version of the upcoming massive title. This comes despite plenty of rumors and leaks speaking to the contrary.

According to Square Enix, if the team actually does pivot to a PC version of the game, it’ll come well after the console versions ship.

Here’s what the developers from Square Enix on the panel had to say when asked about a potential PC version. Siliconera has the translation.

Q: Will a PC version be released?

A: If we had plans for a PC release, then we’d want to release it as closely as possible to the console versions. However, since we didn’t have any plans for it, there won’t be one releasing closely to the PC version. When we develop and research in the DirectX 11 generation, all the work goes into the console version. After release, we plan to do some research on a PC version while considering higher specs.

It seems to me, and this may be mixed up in the translation, that Square Enix isn’t working on a PC version… yet. They want to get the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions out in the wild, and then they’ll get to work developing Final Fantasy XV for higher end PCs.

Is that enough to keep you PC gamers excited? The console version will release on September 30, 2016.

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