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Etrian Odyssey V grants more character customization than ever before

by Ron Duwell | April 4, 2016April 4, 2016 10:00 am PST

To some extent, each of the previous Etrian Odyssey games grant you a character template with four pre-constructed images to assign to that character, and the customization comes from branching out on the extensive ability trees.

Etrian Odyssey V is the first that will allow you to create the look of your character from “scratch.” And by that, I mean you’ll get to mish-mash hair, skin, and eyes colors. A new video from Atlus displays how these choices come together to create a familiar face you’ll become attached to for your hours and hours of first-person dungeon crawling.

The character customization is not ideal, but it’s an improvement over the previous games in that it allows at least some choices beyond four static images. Maybe Etrian Odyssey VI is when players will be allowed to choose from hairstyles and clothing.

Etrian Odyssey V launches in Japan on August 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. Atlus has not yet confirmed a North American release.

Ron Duwell

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