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Watch a Galaxy S7 get pancaked by a 400 ton hydraulic press

by Killian Bell | April 3, 2016April 3, 2016 10:00 am PST

Since making its debut just under a month ago, the Galaxy S7 series has been subjected to all kinds of gruesome torture tests. The latest sees the Galaxy S7 edge get totally pancaked by a 400 ton hydraulic press — and it’s absolutely mesmerizing.

We’ve seen the Galaxy S7 spend 45 minutes in a washing machine, dropped by every height imaginable by destructive YouTubers, and even doused with champagne by Lil Wayne. But I bet you’ve never seen one crushed like this before.

Using a 400 ton hydraulic press, the guys at Slickwraps turned the Galaxy S7 edge into what is likely the costliest pancake ever made. It’s barely even recognizable by the end of it; it just looks like a sheet of old plastic you might find by the side of the road.

But watching the crushing take place is the best bit. There are sparks, smoke, explosions, and flames — and some kind of black liquid (Galaxy S7 blood?) that oozes out of the device and down the side of the press. You have to check it out!

While I don’t typically condone smartphone torture tests — why ruin good technology? — I was amazed by this one. Samsung’s latest devices seem incredibly sturdy and well-made when you hold them in your hand, but under 400 tons of pressure, they crumble like cake.

Killian Bell

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