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Starbucks’ Microsoft Office add-in lets users buy coffee, schedule meetings from Outlook

by Joey Davidson | April 1, 2016April 1, 2016 5:16 am PST

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Microsoft announced during their Build event this week that add-ins are making their way to the Mac platform. Add-ins are, essentially, extensions for Microsoft’s products.

One of the add-ins announced at Build is being made by Starbucks. The coffee juggernaut is creating an Outlook add-in that will let users send gift cards for Starbucks, schedule coffee meetings and even order coffee at the shop well before your meeting begins… all within Outlook.

Update begins…

We actually just received a correction on this from Starbucks. You can’t order from within Outlook… yet. For now, ordering is done from the Starbucks app itself. When you use the meeting request feature in Outlook, the request actually includes a link to the app so that you can order ahead of your meeting.

Starbucks said that it “plans to enable employees to mobile order within the Office experience” in the future.

Update ends…

Talk about brand infiltration, right?

This whole thing was announced by Gerri Martin-Flicker, the new Chief Technology Officer at Starbucks.

The add-in is not available yet, but it will come to both the Mac and Windows platforms once it’s ready.

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