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Dead Space now backwards compatible on the Xbox One

by Ron Duwell | March 31, 2016March 31, 2016 10:40 am PST

Microsoft continues the steady stream of Xbox 360 games available through backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, and the latest is a real treat: EA’s sci-fi horror hit Dead Space.

As time goes on, I get the feeling that this franchise is becoming a little underrated. After Dark Souls and Mass Effect, I have no problem slipping this into the ranks of my favorite new franchises from the previous generation. The first game blew our minds and found a way to “out ‘Resident Evil’ Resident Evil” by blowing away the highly anticipated Resident Evil 5.

And then Dead Space 2 came around and showed that the franchise had upward movement and could actually be improved upon. Sadly, the rest is history, and that potential crashed down when the third game under-performed critically and commercially. For that reason, I think gamers forget to look back on just how excellent those first two hits were.

Take the chance to fire it up once again on your Xbox One. You’ll understand what I mean when it all comes back.

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Ron Duwell

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