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SNES30 Controller + Xtander Smartphone Holder – together only $34.95

by TechnoBuffalo | March 30, 2016March 30, 2016 10:20 am PST

SNES30 Controller-Xtander Smartphone Holder

Cool Bluetooth video game controllers are all the rage – but it’s never fun to play a smartphone game with a controller if you’ve got to keep propping up your phone. Leaning the phone against a book or a wall or any number of large objects while it slips and falls and messes up your game gets incredibly old after a while…and by a while, we mean anything more than about five minutes. 

That’s why this double-header of a deal packages up the super-cool 8bitdo Tech SNES30 Bluetooth controller and its most vital accessory, the Xtander Smartphone Holder – both for only $34.95 right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

With the SNES30 controller, you get an awesome replica of the classic Super Nintendo controller you – or your parents – grew up with. It looks and feels like a SNES controller straight out of the 90s…but inside, it’s packing 21st century Bluetooth technology to sync it up seamlessly with nearly any smartphone, tablet or portable device.

 This controller was built with touch-screen games in mind, so you get perfect in-game maneuverability without ever touching the screen.

 Meanwhile, the Xtander was made as the perfect holder to use with the SNES30, clamping any smartphone firmly in place for hands-free game play.  In fact, the Xtander is so durable that once it’s locked in with the controller, it’s virtually a single unit to help take your mobile gaming to the next level.

 Together, the SNES30 Controller and the Xtander Smartphone Holder would normally run you about $45, so take advantage of this deal now to get the whole bundle for nearly 25% off.