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Shadow of Mordor 2 leaked through stunt actress’ job résumé

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor still reigns one of the most pleasant surprises we’ve seen from this console generation. Of course, I don’t mean that in terms of how pleasant and cheerful the game is. You can only decapitate and dismember so many orc captains before the jokes just start to fall flat. I mean in terms of quality in that someone actually made a Tolkien game that’s worth playing through multiple times.

Would I be out of line to suggest this game is slow-burning its way to the top of my favorites list? The desire to go back and relive the memories someday is ringing a lot stronger for this game than most other PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases.

Well, I might not have to dive back into the first one after all. Not with a sequel in development that has just been discovered by NerdLeaks. Stunt woman Lauren Mary Kim dropped a huge bomb of a leak by listing a mysterious “Shadows of Mordor 2” in the motion capture credits on her job résumé. No such game has been announced yet by license owner Warner Bros. Interactive or developer Monolith Production, so we’ll be throwing this into the “see you at E3” category.

A sequel to Shadows of Mordor has been obvious ever since the first game launched to commercial and critical success, but I’m not sure what I want from it. Keep the map relatively small, further improve the Nemesis system, and perhaps make the world feel more like Middle-earth? I remember loving the gameplay so much in the first game that I forgot it took place in Tolkien’s magical realm.

I’m not sure if I want that feeling again or if I want to go frolicking with elves and hobbits this time around. Maybe storm the Misty Mountains or fight off dragons at the lonely mountain.

Keep an eye out at E3 for this one. That’s likely when we’ll be first hearing about it, if it’s true.

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