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New AI bots, Windows 10 update and HoloLens news expected at Microsoft BUILD

by Jacob Kleinman | March 30, 2016March 30, 2016 8:00 am PST


Microsoft’s latest artificial intelligence experiment didn’t go very well, but the company is just getting started. Bloomberg reports that Microsoft will unveil a bunch of new bots at its BUILD conference on Wednesday, with most designed to carry out specific tasks.

For example, some Microsoft bots could come baked into Skype to help you schedule package deliveries or book a hotel room for your next trip. Another AI project from Microsoft will apparently use your smartphone camera to scan the area and guide a visually impaired user. This seeing eye bot could even read a menu or describe the expressions on people’s faces.

Microsoft will also release its own templates so anyone can design new bots. The company thinks this new artificial intelligence platform could be as exciting for developers as Windows once was. “It reminds me of when I joined the company in 1992 and it was just before Windows NT and I was working on getting developers involved,” CEO Satya Nadella told Bloomberg. “I sense that now.”

Beyond its army of AI bots, Microsoft is also expected to touch on all the other software and hardware platforms it’s been working on. According to USA Today, the company could put a big emphasis on HoloLens, with developer sessions and new demos. We may also learn about the next big Windows 10 update, allegedly called Redstone.

Microsoft’s BUILD keynote presentation kicks off today at 8:30 a.m. Pacific time in San Francisco. We’ll be watching live, so stay tuned for any big news from the event.

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