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Facebook won’t give up on BlackBerry after all

BlackBerry Passport-8

Facebook recently announced that it will follow in WhatsApp’s footsteps and drop support for BlackBerry’s in-house operating systems. Now the social network has given die-hard BlackBerry fans some hope — but it’s not a native app.

Sadly, the native Facebook apps for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 are still going to get the chop. Although BlackBerry still has a loyal fanbase, it’s simply not big enough to warrant dedicated Facebook apps anymore.

However, all is not lost. Rather than maintaining its native apps, Facebook is giving BlackBerry owners their very own web app. “The experience will be slightly different, but you’ll still get the same Facebook features you love,” according to BlackBerry.


Any and all of the features found on the Facebook website will be available in the web app for BlackBerry, the Canadian company promises. What’s more, users will no longer have to put up with “News feed could not be retrieved” or “Post could not be loaded” errors.

While many would prefer a native app, then, this actually seems like a better solution for those still clinging onto BBOS and BB10 — and it’s the best you’re going to get right now, unless you switch to the Android-powered BlackBerry Priv.

The BlackBerry web app is available now, and BlackBerry will transition all users to it on March 31 when it will rollout an update for the native Facebook app that sends users to the web-based version instead.


Killian Bell

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