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Killer Instinct Season 3 launch trailer, PC vs Xbox One gameplay footage

by Ron Duwell | March 29, 2016March 29, 2016 1:00 pm PST

Microsoft launches the third-season of its successful slow-burn fighting game Killer Instinct today, and the trailer reveals a few new characters that will be available over the course of this latest run.

Killer Instinct Season 3 kicks off with two veterans characters from Killer Instinct 2 and two guest characters that most video game fans should be able to recognize. Kim Wu and Tusk aren’t as well known as the classic line-up, which became entirely available during season 2, but they are sure to please fans of the popular sequel.

And as for the guest characters, Rash crashes in from the Battletoads franchise, and speaking to a different generation is Halo’s Arbiter. Not The Arbiter mind you, but just a generic one. The Arbiter has better things to do than engage in deathmatches against giant frogs, raptors, and skeletons.

Mira, Gargos, and Gears of War’s General RAAM are all scheduled to join them before the summer is out.

This season also brings the game to the PC and allows for cross-platform play between both it and the Xbox One version. Footage from both builds has already found its way onto the Internet for comparison. Killer Instinct is free-to-play and available today for the PC and Xbox One


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