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Google Photos on Android better than ever thanks to new update

by Jacob Kleinman | March 29, 2016March 29, 2016 4:40 pm PST

Google just rolled out smarter albums for Photos, but the company already has another nice improvement for its Android app. An update released this week makes it a lot easier to edit your photos on an Android device by fixing what used to be a somewhat frustrating experience.

The new update lets users quickly undo individual edits to a photo or quickly revert to the original image. Google Photos will save all those edits within a single copy of the photo. That’s a nice improvement from the old version of the app, which created a new version of the picture for each edit you saved.

Google Photos has been adding features pretty quickly. Most recently, the company added smarter albums that automatically create a collection of your best pictures from a recent trip or event. If you still haven’t tried the app, or just need to grab the latest update, hit the Google Play link below.

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Jacob Kleinman

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