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Deadpool is now the highest grossing R-rated movie ever

by Joey Davidson | March 29, 2016March 29, 2016 6:38 am PST

Deadpool is now the highest grossing R-rated movie ever as it crosses $746 million.

Box Office Mojo has the current total for money made by Deadpool at the box office. As of March 27, 2016, the flick has pulled in a domestic total of $349,371,907. That’s a whole lot of cash. Worldwide? It sits at $745,700,017. That’s the number that sets the record.

What movie did the Merc with the Mouth beat? The Matrix Reloaded. Interestingly enough, we just covered a bonkers fan theory for The Matrix where Neo isn’t really the One… Instead, the One is Agent Smith.

I haven’t seen Deadpool yet, in spite of being a huge fan of the character. Blame my 4-month-old baby. However! You’ll be able to add $20 to that box office total as my wife and I go see the flick for our 7th anniversary. What a way to celebrate.

Did you see Deadpool yet?

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