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Call of Duty to be set in space in the far future, according to new rumor

by Joey Davidson | March 29, 2016March 29, 2016 9:20 am PST

Call of Duty in Space

There will be a Call of Duty game in 2016. That comes to absolutely no surprise. The new Call of Duty, though, will apparently be set in space in a far future science fiction setting.

It’s Infinity Ward’s turn up to bat with the Call of Duty franchise, and new rumors suggest that the next game is space-bound. The rumor started with NeoGAF user and sometimes source shinobi602. They simply stated that the next Call of Duty would take place in the “very far future,” would offer “space combat” and be “full on sci-fi.”

The second confirmation comes from Eurogamer as they say shinobi’s report coincides with what they’ve heard from their own sources.

Call of Duty is absolutely due for a radical refresh, and a far future take on the space and sci-fi genres might be exactly what the franchise needs. Hopefully Infinity Ward has the mustard to make this next entry huge.

We’ll know during E3 this year. Remember, Activision won’t have a booth, so instead expect previews coming from the console maker’s showings.

NeoGAF Eurogamer

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