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VoCore: Mini Linux Computer opens up DIY tech building – for only $39

by TechnoBuffalo | March 28, 2016March 28, 2016 10:40 am PST

VoCore - Mini Linux Computer

It’s less than an inch wide and less than an inch high — and it’s just about the coolest mini-computer you’ll ever come across. DIY single-board micro-computers don’t just allow you the most portable computing experience around, but these tiny terminals offer an open-ended array of personal computing projects that will test experienced IT vets and enthusiastic newbies alike. 

Even among mini-computers, the VoCore stands apart for its versatility AND super-portability…and now, you can pick up one of these fascinating little Linux devices right now for only $39.

Sure, it’s tiny frame may not look like much, but with a little know-how and ingenuity, you can turn the VoCore into a miniature router, use it as the centerpiece of a homemade motherboard, power smart devices with it or embed it inside a larger system to max out its capabilities. The VoCore hardware comes packing standalone OpenWrt Linux, its own on-board Wi-Fi adapter, a USB port, 32 MB of RAM and 8 MB of flash storage to help facilitate any number of electronics projects.

Wanna make your printer, external hard drive or scanner wireless? Assemble an automatic downloader machine? Or use the VoCore as a brain for a remote-controlled robot? These are all projects right in the VoCore’s wheelhouse – and with some imagination, you’ll find hundreds of other uses for this deceptively powerful piece of tech.

At only $39, it’s even worth it to pick up two or three or more…just to have on hand for all those neat ideas when inspiration hits.  Order ‘em now…