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Android cameras to be able to search what they see, according to rumor

by Joey Davidson | March 28, 2016March 28, 2016 8:00 am PST

Google Goggles on Android Camera

Right now, you can download Google Goggles from the Google Play marketplace to check out some fancy image searching tech. The application uses your phone’s camera to scan pictures from products and words in order to return relevant search results.

The functionality of the Google Goggles app may soon find its way to native Android cameras. Slash Gear has it from a source that Google is actually looking to bring Google Goggles’ fancy search feature to the Android camera app.

Their source also shared news that the new Android camera app would offer an even cooler feature. Users will be able to use their touchscreen to outline the regions of what the camera sees for specific searching. Here’s the image Slash Gear‘s anonymous source produced to describe this feature.

Slash Gear Image

This a pretty neat feature that could provide a fresh bit of usability to the Android experience. Of course, you’ll need to get over the paranoia that Google’s keeping data about your life based on what’s in the pics you snap.

If you don’t mind all that, this seems pretty sweet.

Slash Gear

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